Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Umbria, Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Umbria, Italy

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Extra Virgin Olive OilFrom Umbria, Italy

           This master blend of carefully selected Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio cultivars is fruity, fragrant, and perfectly balanced with medium intensity. From an annually award winning producer since 2012, this extra virgin olive oil complements any dish and pairs well with any balsamic vinegar.

           Grown on the land that once lay under the Tyrrhenian Sea, over the centuries volcanic activity lifted this ancient seabed to shape Central Italy’s Orvieto valley in Umbria. The Domenica Fiore estate is .25 miles above sea level boasting fertile deposits of marine clays that are rich in minerals and shells. Harvested in early November, these small batches are pressed within four hours of being hand picked.


New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold

Athena International Olive Oil Competition - Gold

Olive Japan - Gold

China International Olive Oil Competition - Gold

Free Fatty Acid (% Oleic) - 0.22

Total Phenol (gallic eq mg/kg) - 306

Peroxide Value (Meq 0²/Kg) - 5.76